20th May, 2016


A2L refrigerants – myths and realities (Pt 2)

Having looked at why Europe is moving towards lower GWP A2L refrigerants, in the second part of this article Karl Richardson of air conditioning distributor Logicool looks at the issue of flammability...

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14th May, 2016


A2L refrigerants – myths and realities (Pt 1)

In the first of a series of articles, Karl Richardson of Logicool Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps presents an unbiased look at the myths and realities of the new “mildly flammable” A2L gases...

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4th August, 2015


Welcome to the chilly, sexist, silly season

With the media obsessed with accusing air conditioning, ASHRAE and, inevitably men, of sexism, Neil Everitt blows hot and cold over double Dutch temperature studies...

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19th February, 2015


How America won the cold war, by the BBC

Ever wondered how Hollywood might view the history of refrigeration? It’s a chilling thought but, worryingly, the BBC has already done the job for them, writes Neil Everitt...

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5th November, 2014


Refrigeration needs innovation not duplication

Ian Wood, co-founder and managing director of Adande, maintains that the industry needs a new approach to the development of cold storage solutions and challenges manufacturers to innovate, rather than duplicate existing technology...

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4th November, 2014


Ramblings in cyberspace

There are many off-beat air conditioning and refrigeration-related stories out there. In this first chapter in a far from serious despatch from the far reaches of the internet: Let’s speak Spanglish; worst-ever exaggeration in the history of the world; two for one on edible insects?..

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29th July, 2014


Staying focused

The HVAC industry has put in significant efforts in recent years to adapt to new regulations and changes to government policy. With more changes to come, work must continue to ensure a bright future, says Graham Wright, the new president of the UK’s HEVAC Association. ..

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14th July, 2014

Rob Dickie

Why is the air conditioning so cold?

To building owners and, probably more importantly, the building’s occupants, attaining equitable temperatures for all is fraught with difficulties if not impossible. Rob Dickie of Glasgow-based contractor B-DACS explains in a blog on the company’s website why setting the system to a reasonable temperature requires compromises...

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6th July, 2014


All laws and no enforcement

There have been plenty of criticisms of the huge number of EU laws that have been imposed upon us. The laws may be many but the conviction to enforce them appears to be missing, argues Cooling Post editor Neil Everitt...

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27th June, 2014

Richard Burcher Airedale

Realising the power of analysis

The interest created by the introduction of IBM’s SlamTracker at the Wimbledon Championships has illustrated the potential for meaningful data to add to the tennis fans’ experience. Richard Burcher, marketing manager of Airedale International Air Conditioning, suggests that similar meaningful data from a BMS system could be invaluable in the cooling industry. ..

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