Kelvion’s evolutions and revolutions

CHILLVENTA 2016 PREVIEW: Kelvion will be displaying its portfolio of heat exchangers and industrial and commercial coolers, including a display model “glass cooler”.

This exhibit is a Goedhart VCI-p-13457 cooler, in which a portion of the copper tubes are replaced by glass tubes to enable visitors to trace the evaporation process inside. This model features a third, additional heat exchanger circulation system as condenser – which enhances the output of a compressor and heats air.

Dual-discharge cooler

The new Kelvion industrial air cooler with air outlet at two sides will be making its debut. This model is a further development of the Kelvion dual-discharge, but with radial fans – an innovation among industrial coolers. The new cooler design produces air flow at a 90º angle, which enables reduction of performance losses in comparison to coolers with axial fans. It also enhances the flow of air onto the heat exchangers and thereby allows reduced system height without loss of cooling duty. At Chillventa, Kelvion will announce details on model sizes, equipment variations, and the name of the new cooler range.

gas-cooler-rangeSearle GF gas coolers for CO2 systems

The Searle GF gas coolers for subcritical and transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems have been redesigned with less refrigerant content, a smaller footprint, and significantly reduced weight.

These coolers, equipped with AC or EC motors, profit from the new heat exchangers with tube diameters of only 5 mm. The thin tubes – which are ideal for CO2 as refrigerant, with its favorable thermal properties – allow cost-efficient cooler solutions for applications with high pressures. Kelvion says it developed its Micro Tubes with the aid of numerical flow simulation and optimised them in prototype tests in a wind tunnel. These tests revealed that a non-equilateral tube configuration represents an optimal solution. The result is heat transfer that is 18% greater than the most efficient Kelvion heat exchangers until now.

Küba SG Industrial models 

Küba SG air coolers (above) with 5kW to 188kW cooling duties offer greater efficiency thanks to improvements in heat exchanger geometry and the aerodynamically optimised fan system. The advanced fans are said to require up to 70% less power than with fan drives from earlier generations without control systems – and they allow draw-through or blow-through operation. In addition, they are said to operate at noise levels up to 16dB(A) quieter than previous fans.

Components are said to be easy to access and clean. Refinements include a hinged drip tray, and fans as well as side components being able to be swivelled out for ease of cleaning.

Küba gastro slim FM

gastroslimfmThe new Küba gastro slim FM needs even a smaller footprint. It has an installation width of only 75mm and therefore fits behind the centre column of virtually any refrigerated counter. The patented air straightener is said to guarantee uniform temperature distribution in refrigerated display cases and considerably shortens cooling-down periods.

For applications down to -30°C, Kelvin says it is possible to retrofit an electrical defrost unit.

Its high-quality and food-safe powder coating makes the Küba gastro slim FM ideal, even for open-display or acidic-content goods: for example, marinades. These units are available in three model sizes, with cooling duties of 0.11 to 0.23kW. In their standard versions, these models are prepared for CO2 up to a pressure level of 60bar, for applications in transcritical ranges and above-freezing refrigeration.

VacInox heat exchanger range

VacInox heat exchangers are designed to satisfy the strictest demands for applications in potable-water supply and in industrial processes. The highly resistant connection of its stainless steel plates enables compact design and great corrosion resistance, says Kelvion.

The company has also developed its own brazing filler metal, which does not contain non-ferrous metal, enabling VacInox heat exchangers to meet strict specifications for high temperatures and pressure up to 35bar.

VacInox units are designed for potable-water installations, laser refrigeration, district heating systems, and – for example – as evaporators and condensers in ammonia facilities.

ConBraze heat exchangers

ConBraze heat exchangers feature innovative vortex cells, producing great turbulence in the tunnel and assure enhanced heat transfer. In addition to performance enhancement, benefits of the new range include greater compressive strength, significantly smaller refrigerant charges, and low operational costs.

Possible areas of use are heat pumps for heating or for water heating, central fresh-water heaters, apartment and building connection stations, and district heating transfer stations.

GBH-HP brazed plate heat exchangers

With its brazed plate heat exchangers in the GBH-HP range, Kelvion offers especially robust models for applications under operational pressures up to 140bar and temperatures from -40 to +150°C.

gbh-hp700lThe applications of these stainless steel plates, copper brazed, especially include use in subcritical and transcritical CO2 heat pumps and refrigeration systems, eg as oil coolers, for heat transfer in industrial heating and cooling systems, and for power stations.

The larger ranges GBH-700 and GBH-1000 are factory-fitted with a patented Safety Chamber that absorb stress from temperature differences and pressure pulses. The smaller range GBH-HP 500 is available with simple stainless steel heat exchangers, or with double-wall plates. For the use of the 500-range models as evaporators, the Full Flow System assures optimal flow around the pipe fittings and prevents freezing of the flow tunnels. All model ranges are available as AE versions, with patented Delta Injection for optimised evaporator operation.


Chillventa, Nuremberg, October 11-13
Hall 7, stand 204

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