F-gas advice for sellers

UK: Refcom’s latest F-gas guidance is a practical guide for refrigerant distributors who are unsure about whether or not they can legally supply F gases.



Under the revised F gas Regulation, distributors must establish and maintain records of relevant information on the purchaser including certification number and quantities of refrigerant purchased.

These records must be kept for five years and made available upon request from a national authority or the European Commission.

Designed to be used as a quick reference guide at trade/wholesale counters, the handy print out guide contains a flowchart along with a sheet of further information.

The document is free to download here.

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UK News

7th December, 2016


Honeywell takes retail project award

UK: A cascade refrigeration system twinning CO2 with the HFO refrigerant 1234ze has been named as Retail Energy Project of the Year in last week’s Energy Awards in London.

1st December, 2016


Stonegrove appoints Gowing

UK: Industrial refrigeration contractor Stonegrove Refrigeration has appointed Steve Gowing as design and project engineer.

1st December, 2016


Javac achieves Climate Center double

UK: Javac UK, the refrigerant recovery and vacuum pump supplier, has been named as Climate Centers’ Supplier of the Year for the second year running.

28th November, 2016


Ruskin renamed Swegon Air Management

UK: Ruskin Air Management has been renamed Swegon Air Management following its acquisition by the Swedish manufacturer Swegon.

World News

7th December, 2016


Lack of training threatens phase down

EUROPE: The European Commission has warned that the uptake of training in alternative refrigerants is too low to match the requirements of the F-gas phase down.

6th December, 2016


R12 seized in the South Pacific

SOLOMON ISLANDS: Customs authorities in the Solomon Islands have reported their second seizure of the illegal CFC refrigerant R12 this year. 

5th December, 2016


Bitzer opens subsidiary in Iran

IRAN: German compressor manufacturer Bitzer has established a subsidiary company in Iran.

4th December, 2016


Honeywell faces action over leak

USA: Seven local residents are reported to be suing Honeywell after a chemical leak at its Geismar, Louisiana, plant in August.

3 Responses to “F-gas advice for sellers”
  1. As a distributor can I point out that this has not been pro-actively supplied to us by Refcom? The advice seems to be as follows: “Does the purchaser have a valid F-Gas Certificate? Yes? Supply them with refrigerant and keep records”. With all due respect to Refcom this is not going to teach The Beijer Group, FSW, Thermofrost etc anything. If their Trade Counter staff do not know this then surely there should be an investigation and not a flowchart made public to all? The small independents are also more than aware on how to tackle F-Gas and seem to do so with decent internal policing. This is not new adviceand does not tackle grey areas such as those who supply equipment only. It also does not provide advice for those who really need it such as e-commerce sites who are unconsciously ignorant of the regulation. There are bigger issues here such as how much equivalent CO² emissions from F-Gases were actually consumed in the first year of the revised regulation? What is the projection for this year and next, considering that we will be well in excess of the new cap? How can we as an industry manage the oversupply that we are currently facing? Who is tackling the regulation that is blocking the supply of newer and lower GWP refrigerants? Who is policing F-Gas?

  2. Paul Singh F.Inst.R says:

    Many thanks Karl. Having looked at the REFCOM Flowchart, I agree it does not inform those that are already aware. As a refrigeration training consultant, having carried out thousands of F GAS Individual Assessment and pushing the ‘F GAS POLICE – ING’ for a very long time, the flow chart worries me.

    The reason for the worry is that it is advocating that an engineer having the ACRIB SKILLCARD is qualified to purchase refrigerant. My belief is that the F GAS COMPANY CERTIFICATE is THE QUALIFICATION that allows refrigerant purchasing.


    In my opinion ,the flowchart is misleading.

  3. Paul Singh says:

    I have just looked at the AREA flyer, which is a similar flowchart to the REFCOM one. However, the AREA does not mention ACRIB REGISTRATION. IT does mention F GAS CERTIFICATION. Again, it must be F GAS COMPANY REGISTRATION and not Individual certification.

    For example, a soletrader must have their individual FGAS Certification- either CG 2079-11 or ConstructionSkills J11 AND the FGAS COMPANY CERTIFICATION.

    There certainly seems to be some confusion. For further clarification/discussion I can be contacted on
    07734 926 747

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