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Social media campaign goes multi-lingual

Mona-Lisa-Smile-KoreanUK: The hugely popular social media posters promoting the benefits of refrigeration are being translated into other languages.

The campaign which ran on LinkedIn last year generated a huge amount of interest around the world, receiving over half a million views, over 2,000 comments, and close to 10,000 ‘likes’.

The brainchild of refrigeration consultant Steve Gill of Stephen Gill Associates, the campaign went on to win international awards and accolades including the Cooling Industry Awards 2014 in London, and the Climate Control Awards in Dubai.  It has been strongly tipped for further awards in Shanghai next month. 

Explaining that the posters are intended as a free resource for anyone to use or copy, Steve Gill admits to being pleasantly surprised by the level of interest and equally surprised to receive requests for them to be translated.

“English is often said to be the international language of business, and in my experience when refrigeration engineers from anywhere in the world get together, they also seem to be able to communicate,” Steve Gill commented. “So perhaps refrigeration technology is another universal language. However, the posters are intended to raise awareness of how refrigeration touches the lives of so many, and to be effective at raising awareness the message has to be in a language that can be understood. Obviously, this is not always English.”

Currently a few posters have been translated into Chinese, Thai, Malay, Korean, Japanese, and Arabic. All translations have been carried out with the assistance of industry professionals keen to help-out.

“I am grateful to all those that have helped me with this. I hope that over time we will have more posters in more languages. If any international companies or individuals are willing to help with this I would like to hear from them.”

Steve Gill added “An element of the poster campaign on social media was to show that anyone can make a difference. To prove this point, I completed all the posters using simple MS Paint.  But while this was fine at the time, I feel more than slightly embarrassed that the posters, in this format, are now being more widely distributed.  I am seeking sponsorship to have the whole series undergo a professional upgrade and re-design so that a more quality product may be freely available.”

For further information email Stephen Gill Associates.

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