DuPont adds further security

USA: In an effort to defeat counterfeiting DuPont has introduced further security measures on its refrigerant packaging. 

The new measures have been added to its disposable cylinders – the main target for counterfeiters.

Since January all of DuPont’s disposable cylinders feature a security shrink sleeve. This features an iridescent background that will change colours from pink to green as it reflects light.

According to DuPont, the cylinders can now be quickly and easily verified as genuine. This latest measure is in addition to DuPont’s hologram label.

DuPont confirms that counterfeit refrigerants continue to plague the industry and introduce potential safety and environmental issues, as well as the possibility of equipment failure. In addition, counterfeit refrigerants can include CFCs and HCFCs in containers marked as HFCs, which raises an illegal import issue and can be in violation of international treaties such as the Montreal Protocol.

“Our DuPont refrigerants brand assurance anti-counterfeiting initiative is a multi-faceted programme focused on four main areas of communications, enforcement, value chain security and product security,” said Elizabeth Sassano, global brand protection manager, DuPont Fluorochemicals.

The disposable cylinder is banned in many countries. Europe banned their use in 2007 and countries such as Canada and Australia have introduced similar prohibitions. Russia also announced prohibitions last year.

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