15 Aug 2022

    VFD retrofit saves 35% in energy costs

    UK/COSTA RICA: Variable frequency drives retrofitted to a supermarket refrigeration system in Costa Rica is said to have achieved energy savings of 35%.
    13 Aug 2022

    Heim offers R290 domestic heat pump

    SWITZERLAND: Heim AG has launched a brine-water heat pump operated with R290 (propane) for single or multi-family houses.
    12 Aug 2022

    Daikin R1234ze chiller boost for CERN

    SWITZERLAND: Daikin has recently been involved in the commissioning of three water-cooled R1234ze chiller units at CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research and home of the Large Hadron Collider.
    10 Aug 2022

    Heatwaves and CO2 refrigeration

    Following this summer's extreme high temperatures in the UK, Daniel Clark, MD of Isentra, asks whether 130bar transcritical systems have now become a necessity?
    8 Aug 2022

    Daikin announces Modular T air handling unit

    BELGIUM: Daikin Europe has announced the launch of its new Modular T series air handling unit with three separate filtration stages.
    8 Aug 2022

    Kaltra R1234ze chiller is Scotland bound

    GERMANY: Kaltra has delivered an 800kW air-cooled chiller running on low GWP refrigerant R1234ze to an unnamed customer in Scotland.
    6 Aug 2022

    Electrically-driven TRU uses R1270 and CO2

    GERMANY: Transport refrigeration company Ecooltec Grosskopf has developed a new generation of electrically-driven transport refrigeration unit using CO2 and the hydrocarbon refrigerant R1270 (propene).
    3 Aug 2022

    Flexible heat pump offers increased efficiency

    UK: Researchers from the University of Glasgow have developed a new type of flexible heat pump with integrated heat storage.
    31 Jul 2022

    Propane refrigeration a boon for Dutch supermarket

    NETHERLANDS: The latest Boon’s Markt local supermarket in the Dutch village of Wolphaartsdijk is using a range of Freor propane refrigeration and freezer cabinets operating with Freor’s Hydroloop refrigeration system.  
    26 Jul 2022

    Toshiba announces R32 VRF

    UK: Toshiba has announced the launch of its new SHRM Advance VRF air conditioning system, specifically designed to be safely used with the lower GWP A2L refrigerant R32. 
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