24 Mar 2023

    Pulse expansion valve for precise control

    SPAIN: Sanhua’s new PEV (pulse expansion valves) are designed for use in refrigeration systems to precisely control the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator. 
    24 Mar 2023

    Plug-ins excel with ISA Smartloop

    ITALY: Umbria-based commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer ISA has introduced the Smartloop closed-loop system for use in conjunction with its plug-in R290 display cases.
    23 Mar 2023

    Freor debuts in New Zealand

    LITHUANIA: Commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer Freor has extended its global sales map with its first supermarket installation in New Zealand.
    21 Mar 2023

    Sauermann’s mini pump is even more compact

    BELGIUM: Sauermann has redesigned its Si-20 mini pump to make it even more compact while maintaining the peak performance of its patented piston pump technology.
    20 Mar 2023

    Güntner redesigns and extends Vario series

    GERMANY: Güntner has redesigned and extended its V-shape Vario series of condensers, fluid coolers and gas coolers, bringing greater capacity and lower energy use. 
    14 Mar 2023

    Daikin Altherma 4 on R454C and R290

    BELGIUM: Daikin is set to launch its latest Altherma 4 heat pump range with versions using refrigerants R454C and R290 (propane).
    14 Mar 2023

    Panasonic launches R290 ECOi-W chiller

    GERMANY: Panasonic is set to launch a range of R290 versions of its ECOi-W heat pump chiller.
    13 Mar 2023

    Mitsubishi Electric debuts R290 Ecodan

    GERMANY: Mitsubishi Electric has developed an R290 version of its Ecodan monobloc air-to-water heat pump.
    8 Mar 2023

    Cool Gauge takes HTF monitoring to new heights

    UK: The control and monitoring of heat transfer fluid (HTF) levels is ensuring the reliability of a critical adiabatic process cooling system at a major aerospace engineering company.
    5 Mar 2023

    Fujitsu has no trouble at mill

    UK: A Fujitsu system providing comfort cooling and heating heat recovery with fresh air ventilation is being employed a newly refurbished historic former textile mill in Yorkshire.
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