18 May 2022

    Carrier chillers in Manchester landmark building

    UK: Three Carrier AquaForce are supplying 2.4MW of cooling to Manchester Goods Yard, a new landmark building in the heart of Manchester’s St. John’s regeneration area. 
    17 May 2022

    GEA expands semi-hermetic portfolio

    GERMANY: GEA has expanded its semi-hermetic portfolio with the introduction of the CompaX 350 and 400 ammonia screw compressors and Grasso X packages. 
    11 May 2022

    Expert answer to clean air

    EUROPE: Virus elimination is standard on the new Haier Expert air conditioner.
    5 May 2022

    Geoclima chiller offers extendable condensers

    ITALY: Geoclima has developed a chiller with extendable cylindrical condensers, enabling it to offer double the heat exchange surface on the same footprint.
    5 May 2022

    Migros store benefits from Freor R290 cabinets

    LITHUANIA/SWITERLAND: Freor, the Lithuanian manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment, has seen the successful installation of its R290 refrigeration cabinets at a new Migros supermarket.
    4 May 2022

    Danfoss upgrades the solenoid valve

    DENMARK: Danfoss has introduced the ICF 20-2 solenoid valve as a safer, greener, and more versatile successor to its long-established EVRA(T) 15/20.
    3 May 2022

    Sharks attack lower GWP AC

    UK: Toshiba Carrier UK has installed an R32 air conditioning system at the training facility for Sale Sharks, one of Europe’s top professional Rugby Union clubs.
    22 Apr 2022

    Clivet extends R32 chiller to large installations

    ITALY: Clivet has extended the capacity of its WSAN-YSC4 Spinchiller4 multiscroll heat pump with R32 refrigerant up to 1260kW.
    22 Apr 2022

    Ammonia heat pump boost for Berlin CHP plant

    GERMANY: Johnson Controls has supplied a 700kW Sabroe ammonia heat pump to the Berlin-Buch, CHP plant in Berlin, operated by Vattenfall Europe Wärme AG.
    21 Apr 2022

    JCI-Hitachi focus on IAQ with new air conditioner

    JAPAN: Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning has announced the global launch of a new domestic air conditioner series focused on energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality.
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