5 Mar 2021

    CO2 refrigeration rack splits for easy installation

    SWEDEN: CO2 refrigeration specialist Advansor has announced a new rack which can split into three sections, allowing it to fit in elevators and easily pass through a standard doorway. 
    4 Mar 2021

    Chiller software promises energy savings

    UK: A new energy efficiency software designed to optimise the cooling loads of commercial and industrial chillers claims to be able to reduce energy usage by up to 20%.
    4 Mar 2021

    Smardt pushes oil-free chiller to 3600TR

    CHINA: Smardt has expanded its global oil-free chiller range to 3600TR with the first shipment from its JV partner TICA’s Nanjing factory.
    3 Mar 2021

    Carrier CO2 reefers used as grocery collection units

    SINGAPORE/ESTONIA: Carrier Transicold’s NaturaLine CO2 container refrigeration systems is being used for a novel robotics-based secure outdoor grocery pickup unit. 
    2 Mar 2021

    Daikin brings R32 to rooftop units

    EUROPE: Daikin has completely redesigned its Rooftop Series for operation with the lower GWP refrigerant R32. 
    1 Mar 2021

    Mitsubishi moves e-series chillers to R32

    UK: Mitsubishi Electric has launched an R32 version of its e-series air-cooled chillers, available in 150kW and 180kW units. 
    25 Feb 2021

    Panasonic monobloc heat pump on R32

    EUROPE: Panasonic has released a new mono bloc heat pump running on the lower GWP refrigerant R32.
    24 Feb 2021

    Alfa Laval extends CO2 capabilities

    SWEDEN: Alfa Laval has expanded the possibilities for transcritical CO2 duties with its new AXP82 plate heat exchanger.
    24 Feb 2021

    KIMO plug-and-play standard switch cabinet

    GERMANY: The FrigoPack BLU kompakt plug-and-play standard switch cabinet from German controls company KIMO enables the operation of up to two compressors with a maximum refrigerating capacity of 50kW.  
    23 Feb 2021

    Compressor electronics app for Copeland semi-hermetics

    GERMANY: Emerson has produced the first app dedicated to its Copeland semi-hermetic compressors with its former CoreSense compressor electronics technology. 
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