12 Jun 2021

    Hydrocarbon refrigerant charging kit

    USA: Ritchie Engineering has announced the availability of its Yellow Jacket products hydrocarbon charging kit.  
    9 Jun 2021

    National publishes P-T app

    UK: National Refrigerants has developed a comprehensive pressure/temperature calculation tool with several special features to make the HVAC/R technician’s job easier. 
    9 Jun 2021

    Airedale’s Evo2 offers more cooling power

    UK: Airedale’s newly launched EasiCool Evo2 precision cooling unit is said to deliver improved efficiency, performance and IoT functionality, with an EER up to 25% higher than the previous range.
    8 Jun 2021

    Dental crown for Panasonic nanoe

    UK: Panasonic’s nanoe X air cleaning technology is to deployed in 27 dental practices operated by Riverdale Healthcare to enhance protection for patients and staff.
    7 Jun 2021

    Johnson Controls adds VSD water-cooled screw chiller

    USA: Johnson Controls has added the Quantech QWC4 water-cooled screw chiller to the brand’s expanded chiller portfolio for the North American market.
    6 Jun 2021

    Ciat AHUs with heat recovery option

    UK: Ciat has extended its range of air handling units with the addition of higher capacity units with high-efficiency heat recovery option. 
    4 Jun 2021

    Elderly at higher indoor heat risk

    USA:  New research suggests that exposure to extreme indoor heat may be connected to a greater number of heat-related deaths amongst the elderly than previously believed.
    2 Jun 2021

    Euro launch for R32 and R290 heat pumps

    CHINA: Chinese heat pump manufacturer PHNIX has announced the European launch of new heat pumps running on R32 and R290 refrigerants.
    27 May 2021

    Systemair adds R32 rooftop units

    SWEDEN: Systemair has added a range of rooftop units operating on lower GWP refrigerant R32.
    26 May 2021

    Emerson joins the VFD market

    USA: Emerson has announced the introduction of a family of Copeland variable frequency drives for commercial and industrial refrigeration applications. 
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