5 Oct 2022

    Solar provides 2.4MW to two NJ cold stores

    USA: Rooftop solar installations will provide a total of 2.4MW of energy to two cold storage facilities in New Jersey.
    4 Oct 2022

    MHI delivers R1234ze(E) chillers to Marina Bay

    SINGAPORE: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have delivered two R1234ze(E) centrifugal chillers with a total cooling capacity of 8,400RT to Singapore’s Marina Bay district cooling facility.
    3 Oct 2022

    TripleAqua makes Chillventa return

    CZECH REPUBLIC: The second generation of the award-winning TripleAqua three-pipe CO2 hydronic air-to-water heat pump system is to be launched at next week’s Chillventa in Nürnberg by Czech manufacturer Sinop.
    30 Sep 2022

    Danfoss introduces first CO2 TEV

    DENMARK: Danfoss has introduced what it claims is the first thermostatic expansion valve for use with CO2 refrigerant.
    29 Sep 2022

    Advantage Trane with City heat pump

    BELGIUM: The City Advantage is a new Trane range of compact scroll water-cooled chillers and water-source heat pumps with lower GWP refrigerant R454B refrigerant. 
    22 Sep 2022

    Multifunction heat pump for hot and chilled water

    ITALY: A new air-cooled multi-function heat pump introduced by Clivet is equipped with twin variable-speed screw compressors using lower GWP refrigerant R513A.
    20 Sep 2022

    Passive cooling idea uses three technologies 

    USA: An innovative system developed at MIT, which combines thermal insulation with evaporative and radiative cooling technologies, could reduce the load of air conditioners in buildings.
    19 Sep 2022

    Keeping fish fresh with slurry ice

    GERMANY/ICELAND: Bitzer Ecoline tandem compressors are playing their part in extending the shelf life of fish for an Icelandic fishing company.
    19 Sep 2022

    Daikin VRV 5 contributes to green building award

    FRANCE: Daikin VRV 5 series heat pump air conditioners are contributing to the low carbon footprint of a new commercial office complex in Grenoble.
    19 Sep 2022

    Thermo King unveils CO2 heat pump

    GERMANY: Thermo King has introduced a CO2 version of its Athenia MkII heat pump for electric and hybrid buses.
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