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Bitzer boost for vaccine storage

GERMANY: Bitzer compressors have played their part in China’s achievement in delivering over 2 billion covid-19 vaccines.

Bitzer China supplied reciprocating and screw compressors have been used in refrigeration systems to ensure the stability of the production in new cold storage projects in Beijing and Wuhan. 

Twelve CSH7593 screw compressors with mechanical capacity control have been supplied to a vaccine manufacturer in Beijing for the storage of inactivated covid-19 vaccines. 

The three-storey 46,000m³ storage facility is currently China’s largest covid-19 vaccine storage facility with the highest clear height and the most accurate temperature monitoring in China. In two central storage rooms, the compressors effectively ensure that the temperature of the vaccine storage is kept within the specified range of 2℃ to 8℃ with a total cooling capacity of 1,140 kW.

Combined with a special air supply technology, the project can control the temperature within the range of 0.5 and 1℃ at a minimum partial load of 50%. 

The modular skid-mounted refrigeration packs simplified system design, greatly shortening the construction time, saving space saving reducing noise. The four skids each utilise three Bitzer compressors and operate in separate refrigeration circuits. 

Twenty reciprocating compressors and 12 screw compressors were also supplied for an expansion project for the Sinopharm Wuhan Institute of Biological Products in Wuhan. A 20,000m3 covid-19 vaccine storage area is an important part of the project.

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