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25th February 2024

Boosting EV range with microwave energy

UK: Researchers from the University of Birmingham are working on an energy storage system which couples a chemical heat pump with microwave energy to produce heating or cooling on demand.
19th February 2024

BDN offers high level monitoring

IRELAND: The first installation of Bitzer’s Digital Network (BDN) in Ireland is providing high-level monitoring, system diagnostics and optimisation for an award-winning deli food specialist.
17th February 2024

GSHPs would relieve stress on US electricity grid

USA: The widespread deployment of ground-source heat pumps in the USA would relieve the stress on the grid, lower energy costs and substantially reduce CO2 emissions, a new study claims.
15th February 2024

Carrier takes heating and cooling to new levels

UK: Carrier AquaSnap 30RBP air-cooled scroll chillers operating on R32 refrigerant are providing cooling and heating for one of the world’s largest vertical farms.
11th February 2024

Finn Geotherm scores local heat pump hat-trick

UK: Norfolk-based renewable heating installer Finn Geotherm has undertaken three local projects to replace gas boilers with heat pumps which will cut carbon emissions by 66%.
10th February 2024

Panasonic VRF takes care

UK: Panasonic air conditioning equipment is improving the comfort for residents at a Surrey home for people with personal care needs.
29th January 2024

Airedale supplies largest ever air cooled chillers

UK: Airedale by Modine has completed delivery of 21 of its largest ever 36-fan air cooled chillers, each measuring 22m long.
21st January 2024

Historic country house places trust in heat pumps

UK: A ground-source heat pump system has replaced inefficient oil boilers at a 17th-century country house in Dorset.
10th January 2024

Ammonia heat pump to cut Nestlé’s steam usage

NETHERLANDS: GEA is to supply the latest process and ammonia heat pump technology to cut energy consumption at a new milk powder line at Nestlé’s plant in Nunspeet, the Netherlands.
9th January 2024

Bitzer ammonia pack slashes running costs

UK: An ammonia refrigeration system based on a Bitzer ACP pack is expected to produce a 60% reduction in running costs for a UK meat processor. 
8th January 2024

Ciat an all-round winner in Oval Village

UK: Seven hundred bespoke Ciat Comfort Line fan coils have been installed in the first phase of Oval Village, a new residential development next to the famous Oval cricket ground. 
23rd December 2023

Huge refrigerant removal operation continues at US nuclear plant

USA: An amount of refrigerant with a CO2 equivalence virtually equal to half of Europe’s entire 2023 F-gas allowance continues to be removed from a former US uranium enrichment plant. 
14th December 2023

GEA to supply ammonia plant to UK’s highest cold store

UK/GERMANY: GEA is to supply a two-stage ammonia refrigeration system and 32 air coolers for the UK’s tallest cold store under construction in Easton, near Grantham, Lincolnshire.
13th December 2023

Fan retrofit promises energy savings

GERMANY: Practising what it preaches, fan manufacturer EBM‑Papst is retrofitting the ventilation systems at its 10 German facilities with its latest energy saving EC fans. 
10th December 2023

Swegon to supply heat pumps for Finnish DH network

SWEDEN/FINLAND: Swegon is to supply 40 air-to-water heat pumps for Finnish energy company Fortum’s district heating network in Kolabacken, Kirkkonummi and Hepokorpi in Espoo, Finland.
5th December 2023

Nanofluid additive boosts chiller efficiency

IRELAND: A nanofluid added to the chillers supplying chilled water to a district cooling plant in Abu Dhabi is said to have increased the plant’s efficiency by 13.6%.
26th November 2023

Trane R1234ze heat pumps power year-round comfort

NETHERLANDS: Trane RTSF heat pumps using R1234ze refrigerant are supplying heating, cooling and DHW from groundwater aquifers to a state-of-the-art apartment complex in Amsterdam.
21st November 2023

Hospital trusts Mitsubishi R32 heat pumps

USA: Mitsubishi Electric e-Series R32 heat pumps are helping the Devon Partnership NHS Trust cuts its energy consumption by upgrading the heating and cooling system at Langdon Hospital in Dawlish.
17th November 2023

Bitzer support for low-charge ammonia chiller

UK: A new compact ultra-low-charge ammonia chiller has been developed by Gateshead-based KGM Refrigeration with support from Bitzer UK.
29th October 2023

AI-control provides flexible office efficiency

UK: Samsung has installed its first B.IoT artificial intelligence system in the UK to control its VRF air conditioners at a new EPC A-rated multi-tenanted refurbished office building in Warrington.
22nd October 2023

CO2 chiller heat pump boosts brewer’s efficiency

AUSTRALIA: The installation of a CO2 chiller heat pump and a PV system has enabled an Australian brewery to increase production capabilities by 400% without increasing energy consumption.
15th October 2023

French store first to adopt R471A

FRANCE: A supermarket in Lyon has become the first in France to install the HFO blend refrigerant R471A as a lower GWP replacement for R134a.
4th October 2023

Star’s CO2 system sets new industry standard

UK: A CO2 refrigeration system installed in a Glasgow cold store is said to be consuming just half the energy suggested by UK best practice guidelines.
12th September 2023

Seagreen puts wind in Ciat’s AHU sales

UK: Ciat air handling units are managing temperature and humidity in the transformer rooms for the world’s deepest offshore wind farm project in the North Sea.
10th September 2023

Caterer chooses HFC/HFO blend over CO2

GERMANY: A lower GWP HFC/HFO A2L blend has been chosen instead of CO2 for a new freezer for an airline caterer.
10th September 2023

Heat pumps prescribed for net-zero ambitions

UK: A new heating and cooling system combining air-source and ground-source heat pumps, based on 64 boreholes, is to be installed at the Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC) in Nottingham.
3rd September 2023

Deep geothermal heat pump system to supply 6,000 households

GERMANY: A 6MW geothermal heat pump system capable of supplying over 6,000 households is set to be installed in the Wilhelmsburg district of Hamburg.
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