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Carrier water-cooled chillers in OneAsia data centre

CHINA: Carrier has provided an energy efficient water-cooled chiller system for leading IT services and solution provider OneAsia’s new data centre in China’s Nantong Industrial Park.

By optimising the energy efficiency of the entire cooling system, the chiller plant is expected to reduce the annual electricity consumption by nearly 20%

The 120,000m2 OneAsia data center includes 846 cabinets with a total load of 10,548 kW. Carrier’s solution to reduce PUE includes the design of a high-efficiency chiller plant with four Carrier AquaEdge 19XRV centrifugal chillers, a computer room group control system and power distribution system. The solution also includes Carrier Comfort Network controls. 

In addition to participating in the PUE planning, Carrier also provided the data for the annual dynamic load and energy consumption analysis, as well as group control strategy support.

Carrier optimized the design of the entire cooling system of the chiller plant to meet China’s GB50174 A-level standard. 

In order to enhance the overall energy efficiency of the chiller plant, Carrier provided the AquaEdge 19XRV chillers with VFD conversion technology to increase the partial load by up to 74.4%. The result is improved efficiency and reliability under low ambient temperature.

By optimising the pipelines in the equipment room, improving equipment energy efficiency, and deploying energy-saving designs for the group control system, the annual average operational EER of the chiller plant system is said to have increased from 7.05 to 8.67. The annual operating energy consumption is estimated to be reduced from 9,640,006 kWh to 7,846,985 kWh. 

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