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Chiller hire takes centre stage

UK: A new golden age of British film and television is fuelling demand for specialist temporary cooling in studios and on location, according to hire specialist Carrier Rental Services.  

Boosted by financial incentives from the UK government, the UK film and television industry is “booming”, according to Andrew Driver, who heads  film and television support for Carrier Rental Systems. 

“We are currently supporting several major film and television projects in and around London, all requiring significant deployments of specialist temporary cooling, heating and ventilation equipment,” he revealed.

“Carefully controlled environmental conditions are vital not only for studios and large purpose-built sets, but also for workshops and behind-the-scenes areas to ensure a high quality working environment for creative and technical staff.”

One current project involves the supply of on-site cooling for a multi-stage set for a new global television series. Carrier Rental Systems air handling units linked to high performance chillers deliver cool, fresh air throughout the stage set to counteract thermal load from lighting and other equipment. The project will require continuing support with specialist HVAC hire equipment as sets evolve and requirements change.

In addition to maintaining safe, comfortable conditions in studios and workshops, Carrier Rental Systems also provides portable cooling equipment for use in temporary offices and projector rooms, used to view and evaluate film footage taken each day.

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