Clivet keeps KFC “so good”


ITALY: Clivet air conditioning systems are keeping the climate “so good” at the latest KFC restaurant to be opened in Italy.

Established in the US in 1930, there are now more than 21,000 Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets worldwide, but the chain is relatively new to Italy.

The first KFC arrived in Italy in 2014 with the objective of opening 100 restaurants over the succeeding five years.

On November 23 it opened its ninth restaurant in Italy in Assago, near Milan, with Clivet systems ensuring the comfort of its customers and personnel.

The dining room is served by a Clivet Pack CSNX-XHE2 with integrated air renewal. The CLIVET PACK is able to eliminate 99% of viruses and bacteria thanks to the use of electronic filters, while keeping the air at the correct temperature and humidity. With an air quality probe for CO2 control, the flow of fresh air is varied in relation to the occupancy of the dining room.

In the kitchen, the comfort of the chefs and other personnel is assured by the use of a full fresh air rooftop unit, Clivet Pack CSRN-XHE2-FFA, which heats/cools and dehumidifies the supply air, whilst compensating for the air volume removed by the extraction hoods.

Amongst a number of features, the Clivet Packs employs fans with EC motors and tandem scroll compressors.

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