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Cooling keeps the candles glowing


NETHERLANDS: Candles sales peak at this time of year but their availability, from at least one of Europe’s candle manufacturers, is made possible thanks to cooling technology.

In Europe, alone, 654,000 tons of candles were sold last year, equivalent to 1.3kg of candles for each EU citizen. US retail sales of candles are estimated at $3.2bn per year with 35% of candle sales occurring during the Christmas/Holiday season.

Parcan BV, located in Heerhugowaard in northern Holland, is one of Europe’s largest candle manufacturers. Its large modern factory can become unbearably hot in summer due to the large amount of machinery and a production process which relies on using hot paraffin wax.

Dutch HVAC manufacturer Mark Climate Technology took up the challenge to extract the hot air, in return for fresh cool air.


A Mark AHU20-20 air handling unit with DX cooler was specified. The unit is capable of displacing air at a rate of up to 19,150m³/h. To enlarge the cooling effect, cool air is brought in at low speed at floor level. The cooling power is fully absorbed by the production machines and the paraffin, the warmed air rising to be discharged at high level.

Following installation during this summer’s heatwave the air at floor level was 16°C, at production level 22°C and up to 30°C at ceiling level.

Mark Climate Technology is a family business founded in 1945. The group comprises six sales and service offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Poland and Romania and two production companies – one in the Netherlands and one in Ireland.

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