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Cooling Post – now second in the market

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 15.10.58Less than eight months since its launch the Cooling Post website has attained the no 2 spot amongst dedicated air conditioning and refrigeration news websites worldwide.

Latest figures from Alexa, the leading website ranking organisation referred to by many top advertising and marketing companies, places the Cooling Post second amongst the multitude of air conditioning and refrigeration magazine websites.

“When you consider that we’re up against a number of well-established and highly respected titles with far greater resources, and then realise that the Cooling Post was only launched at the very end of October last year, this is a phenomenal achievement,” commented editor Neil Everitt.

Alexa bases its rankings on a number of parameters, a major one being estimates of visitor numbers. Although not specified by Alexa, the Cooling Post is on course to reach 9,000 visitors this month.

“While Alexa has its critics and only produces very approximate figures, it can be argued that they are still a fair guide as to how a website is performing against its competitors and the figures do support our own best guesses as to our current position in the market.”

“It’s also worth bearing in mind that Alexa’s figures are based on a three-month average, so for a website like the Cooling Post where visitor numbers are continuing to rise month-on-month, the latest figures will be a conservative estimate of the current situation,” added Neil Everitt.


Closely linked to the success of the website, the now twice-weekly email newsletter also continues to confound industry expectations.

“We did think that our decision to double the frequency of the newsletter at the beginning of this year might have a negative impact on the number of subscribers who open each email and interact with it,” commented Everitt. “But, this hasn’t been the case.”

The very latest figures record that 49.1% of all subscribers open the email, a figure that is more than 3x the industry average. Even more impressive is that 23.5% of subscribers click on one or more of the links – more than 8x the average.

“I’m particularly grateful to the companies who had the confidence to support us from the outset. I’m sure that they will now be benefitting from this enhanced profile,” said Everitt.

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