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Double booking for Toshiba and Ciat

UK: The new 144-bed Ibis hotel in Bridgwater, which is scheduled to open early next year, features a heat recovery-based air conditioning system by Toshiba and Ciat. 

The five-storey hotel, developed by Zeal Hotels in association with Accor, includes a bar and restaurant, plus meeting facilities, air conditioned throughout with Toshiba’s Super Heat Recovery Multi (SHRM-e) VRF system. Nine Toshiba VRF condensing units mounted on the roof supply concealed indoor fan coil units.

The design includes two Toshiba air-to-air heat recovery ventilation units, which capture waste heat from exhaust air to temper incoming fresh air. In addition, an air-to-water Ciat Ereba Access heat pump pre-heats hot water to 45ºC, before being boosted to operating temperature by a gas boiler. A Toshiba split system serving the hotel’s comms room completes the air conditioning system.

The equipment was installed by Bristol-based Keyplan Engineering.

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