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LEDs lighten the load for Auchan

FRANCE: Auchan, the second largest French food retailer, has included Nualight lighting in a move to install glass doors on all its chiller cabinets.

The retailer has recently embarked on an energy saving initiative to add doors to all open vertical chillers in all its hypermarkets throughout France.

Aware that the addition of doors can create dark spots across the face of the products on display, Auchan saw their refrigeration refurbishment as an opportunity to install LED lighting.

After extensive testing, trials and a competitive tender period they chose the Perfino range from Nualight to add sparkle and interest to their new low energy closed refrigerators. For the glass doors, they chose Schott who worked closely with Nualight to execute the roll-out.

After the high impact results of the first Auchan hypermarkets were witnessed, Nualight were awarded preferred supplier status allowing over 50 French hypermarkets to use the Perfino solution for their chiller and freezer cases. This equates to over 20km of LED in one year. With low energy costs and minimal maintenance, Auchan is expected to see a return on their initial investment within two years.

Following the successful roll-out to over 50 hypermarkets, Auchan are now looking at their LED retrofit requirements across Europe where Nualight is the preferred supplier.

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