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Lennox EMEA adds inverter technology

FRANCE: Lennox EMEA has added inverter compressor technology to several of its range of horizontal, vertical and rooftop packaged air conditioners.

The models now employing inverter technology is the Flatair Advanced 6kW-34kW horizontal packaged air conditioner, Compactair Advanced 9kW-83kW vertical packaged air conditioner and Energy+ Advanced 16kW-160kW rooftop packaged unit.

Lennox says the coupling of the inverter compressors and variable speed fans offers a precise and stable blowing temperature, with the speed of the compressor adapting exactly to the thermal needs of the installation. As a result, the number of start/stop cycles will be greatly reduced compared to a conventional unit. Less electrical and mechanical stress can increase the life time of the units. In addition, it enables optimal seasonal performances to be achieved in both heating and cooling.

Lennox EMEA

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