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Panasonic AC brings a sense of community

UK: Panasonic heat pump air conditioners are providing a flexible and efficient heating and cooling solution for a local community centre in Kent.

Kemsley Community Centre in Sittingbourne was looking to replace a 1960’s oil-fired heating system with a more energy efficient and sustainable solution to heat and cool the large and multiple areas of the centre. 

Local air conditioning contractor Phoenix ACR specified a Panasonic R32 split system with four 20kW PACi outdoor units and 11 PACi NX Elite wall-mounted indoor units with Panasonic’s nanoe X filtration technology.

The new system needed to meet the needs of the entire community centre, covering the main hall, bar area and reception area. Each section required units suited to the individual area, which could seamlessly combine and function under a single control system.

The addition of nanoe X technology, which inhibits viruses and bacteria, was seen as a key additional benefit to help provide a better indoor environment for the community centre staff and its users in a post-pandemic world.

The PACi NX Elite wall-mounted units were installed In the main hall and bar area. These were seen as being best-suited to the high ceiling areas found in the community centre. The PACi ceiling suspended units were installed in the reception area.

“With our old system, if we hired out a single room, we would end up having to heat the entire building,” said David Grawler, facilities trustee of Kemsley Community Centre. “The new Panasonic system allows us to control all units as one for the entire building but also enables us to isolate the individual spaces, adding a new way for us to function in a more energy efficient way, without having to compromise on comfort.”

The touch-screen centralised controller, which also allows remote control and monitoring is installed behind the bar. 

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