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Propane heat pump in LG’s Smart Cottage

SOUTH KOREA: LG Electronics will launch a household energy management platform, including its ESS energy storage system and Therma V R290 Monobloc heat pump, at IFA 2023 next month.

LG’s latest HVAC and energy solutions, as well as its newest smart home appliances and services, will be featured in its prefabricated Smart Cottage at the IFA Berlin Trade Fair (September 1-5).

The Smart Cottage is a two-storey, studio-style modular home with a small footprint yet boasting all the most modern appliances and facilities. It can be easily transported and placed in the desired location. To reduce environmental impact, the home’s replaceable module components have been made with low-carbon steel materials produced by POSCO, a renowned South Korean steel company.

LG’s Therma V R290 air-to-water monobloc heat pump is integrated with the ESS energy storage system to provide a convenient way to maximise the efficiency of a home’s renewable energy use, and serves as a back-up power source in the case of blackouts.

The ESS is also connected to roof-mounted 4kW solar panels, generating as much as 15kW of electricity per day. Any surplus energy can be stored in the ESS for later use, or sold to the contracted electricity provider.

Surplus energy stored in the ESS battery can be diverted to the AWHP’s integrated water tank during the daytime, when solar energy production is at its peak. In the evening, when energy consumption is typically high, the ESS uses the stored energy to provide hot water and to power home appliances, boosting energy efficiency and energy self-reliance.

Should a power outage occur, the ESS can help to keep essential elements, such as heating, refrigeration and lighting, up and running. The energy surplus is stored in the ESS for later use, or sold to a contracted electricity provider.

In addition to the Therma V, the ESS is able to integrate with a wide range of LG home appliances, including the washer, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher and even with the electric vehicle (EV) charger. 

The Home Energy Platform is also compatible with LG ThinQ Energy energy management solution, enabling users to control all of their smart appliances, manage the HVAC system, and monitor energy storage and consumption, from almost any location using a smartphone. 

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