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Waiting for a bus becomes cool

Air conditioning manufacturers Haier, LG and Daikin have all become involved this year in efforts to take the heat out of waiting for a bus.

Waiting for a bus can be a frustrating exercise. In the hottest cities of the world it can be particularly debilitating. Haier, LG and Daikin have all set out to alleviate the problem this summer by installing air conditioners in bus stops across Lahore, Dubai and New Delhi.

Haier is offering Haier Chill Stop bus shelters in Lahore. The Haier Chill Stop is a branded, completely glass enclosed bus stop designed to give instant relief to bus commuters from the searing heat. The bus stop has been furnished with comfortable seating, and a Haier air conditioner to create a cool, comfortable and pristine environment for commuters.

An LG-furnished bus stop in Dubai. Photo Wikimedia by Jay Galvin

Meanwhile, in Dubai, LG has installed 815 air conditioned shelters at bus stops around the city.

The extreme heat in Dubai can make traversing the city an ordeal for anyone. Keeping out of the heat is key to staying comfortable and long exposure to the extreme temperatures in the desert can even be dangerous.

The shelters have also helped Dubai expand its public transportation system to meet the growing demand by providing commuters comfortable and safe places to keep cool.

The Daikin stop in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi.

Like buses, you wait for ages, then three come along together. Not to be outdone by LG and Haier, Daikin India has also placed a foot on the platform by kitting out a bus stop at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi.

Although a one off, the new bus stop has, not surprisingly, been extremely well received and found ready coverage on social media platforms, news agencies and YouTube as well.

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