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Aermec’s next step in fan coils

ITALY: Aermec’s “next generation” cassette-type VEC-i fan coil unit features integrated diffusers to create a Coanda effect and a draught free environment.

Said to be very quiet in operation, power consumption is claimed to be reduced by 55% compared to a standard fan coil unit, even at low speed.

Features include a quiet dual intake centrifugal fan and a brushless electric motor with 0-100% continuous speed variation.

Addressing the need to reduce embodied carbon emissions, Aermec has taken a holistic approach to the design of the VEC-i and, in line with CIBSE’s own TM65 methodology, focused on product weight and ease of maintenance. It weighs just 32kg and is said to offer 75% embodied carbon savings, with 85% more embodied carbon savings than chilled beams.

Extensive modelling is said to have shown that, based on a 15-year period of operation and using CIBSE’s methodology, the VEC-i represents only 18% of total embodied carbon confirming that focusing on product weight is a key variable.


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