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Air-to-air heat pump with DHW

FRANCE: Daikin France has announced the availability of a range of air-to-air heat pumps with a connected hot water tank. 

Said to offer a real alternative to electric heating and DHW installations for smaller installations, the Multi+ unit provides heating in winter, cooling in summer and year-round domestic hot water. 

It is available in four outputs up to 5.2kW and can be connected to up to three indoor units and to a domestic hot water tank of 90 litres or 120 litres, making it ideal for families of two or three people or small commercial use.

In winter period it is possible to produce hot water at the same time as heating. If the user requires a larger volume of hot water, while his unit is operating in cooling mode, Daikin offers the possibility to trigger a boost mode.

It is possible to view the operation of the entire system from the Daikin thermostat and programme the different operating ranges or the water temperature. It can also be controlled remotely from smartphone or tablet using the Daikin Onecta application. It can also be voice-controlled with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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