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Airedale adds R32 heat pump chillers

UK: Airedale by Modine has announced the addition of AlphaChill, a scalable, low-GWP, reversible heat pump chiller range, to its new series of cooling solutions. 

With individual unit capacities between 24kW and 102kW, and optimised for R32, the compact AlphaChill range are manufactured by Italian company Clivet.

AlphaChill employs an inverter compressor and delivers SEERs of up to 5.37 (cooling only) and up to 4.81 (heat pump). Chilled water temperatures range from -8ºC to 20ºC with the heat pump delivering comfort cooling and domestic hot water of up to 60°C.

AlphaChill has the flexibility of being able to connect up to 16 units in a local network, delivering a total capacity of 1568kW cooling and 1470kW heating. 

As an extension of the range, AlphaChill Plus is a larger capacity, two-circuit reversible heat pump. AlphaChill Plus appeals to projects that demand the efficiency, low sound and low GWP refrigerant delivered by AlphaChill, but with an increased capacity. AlphaChill Plus has a capacity of 115kW to 233kW, with the ability to be connected to a network of up to eight units, offering a total capacity of up to 1864kW.

The new units join the recently launched iChill, SpiraChill and MultiChil products, which were also added as a result of a manufacturing agreement with Airedale.


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