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Carrier extends CO2 refrigeration units

FRANCE: Carrier Commercial Refrigeration is expanding its range of QuietCO2OL MC compact indoor CO2 refrigeration units to strengthen its sustainable product offerings for convenience stores. 

With more than 20 new models featuring semi-hermetic compressors, the QuietCO2OL MC range offers greater capacities that can benefit larger convenience stores, while providing a compact footprint, flexible design and quiet operation, says Carrier. 

Maximum cooling capacities of up to 93kW for medium temperature and 17kW for low temperature applications are now available to order – increasing capacity by 86% and 70%, respectively. 

Vibration control and soundproofing are said to have been optimised through a series of product enhancements, resulting in a running noise similar to an air conditioning system or refrigerator.

The new models are fully serviceable from the front, allowing them to be placed against walls, and even into corners. They can also be split into two modules for ease of transportation and access. 

For maximum flexibility, the QuietCO2OL MC systems can be installed in multiple combinations and configurations and are designed for operation with a wide range of controllers from multiple brands.

In addition to the convenience store sector, Carrier says they also offer a great solution for small and medium cold stores, and to support building extensions requiring additional capacity.

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