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Carrier launches high temperature heat pumps

FRANCE: Carrier has introduced a comprehensive new line of high temperature and very high temperature heat pumps using low GWP HFO refrigerants.

Designed to reduce both carbon emissions and energy costs, the new line consists of AquaForce and AquaSnap air and water source heat pumps with varying capacities from 30 to 735kW and water temperatures from 82 to 120ºC. 

The line includes AquaForce 61CA air-source heat pumps on R1234yf, AquaForce 61CW and 61CW-Z water-source units on R1233zd and the AquaSnap 61CG series of water-source heat pumps on R134a.

The AquaForce 61CWD and 61CW-Z employ fixed-speed screw compressors and cover heating capacities from 110-540kW. They are seen as a premium solution for district heating networks and industrial process heating up to 120°C.

The 61CA air-source machines have a nominal heating capacity of 410kW for large buildings, local and district heating networks heating up to 82°C.

The AquaSnap 61CG is suitable for commercial application up to 82°C. Heating output is from 30kW to 130kW; cascade to 390kW.


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