Carrier offers hvac monitoring


UK: A new Carrier monitoring solution allows end-users to track and remotely monitor their HVAC systems, and receive expert analysis and recommendations from Carrier experts.

Carrier, which operates in the UK as Toshiba Carrier UK Ltd, is enabling HVAC system owners and users to monitor their sites through a web portal in real-time and benefit from Carrier expert analysis and recommendations to optimise the equipment.

To meet the needs of each user, the solution comes in three levels: standard, premium and infinite, with services including automatic alarm notification and corrective actions, data analysis and specific recommendations from Carrier experts to optimise resource allocation.

The service enables improved response through alarm monitoring and pre-diagnostics, allowing the identification of a potential issue before it occurs. Corrective  actions can be taken quickly, either on site or via a remote connection to the equipment.

This monitoring solution adapts to a broad range of systems, new or existing, and can also be connected to non-Carrier equipment.

A Web portal offers customers a single point of connection to access and monitor all their sites at the chiller or chiller plant level. The system links the equipment to Carrier’s data center through a dedicated virtual network via APN.

“Through this new offering, Carrier delivers an advanced monitoring solution with Carrier’s expert know-how. It is an effective way for our customers to monitor their sites and installations and maintain them at top performance levels,” said Adam Pinfold, technical development manager, Carrier Controls UK Ltd.

Toshiba Carrier UK

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