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Climalife offers web-based A2L refrigerant calculator

FRANCE: Refrigerant supplier Climalife has created a web-based application to simply determine the charge sizes for lower flammability A2L refrigerants under European Standard EN378.

With the arrival of A2L refrigerants to the market, it is not always easy for refrigeration and air conditioning professionals to determine the charge calculation authorised for their project.

The A2L charge calculator is described as a simple web-based application that enables users to determine the estimated charge as well as an indicated limit, according to the toxicity of the refrigerant being used and its flammability, the specific system and application, room size and other relevant system parameters.

All common refrigerants and refrigerant blends are included.

The web application, in English and French, also enables results to be downloaded as a PDF. It can be accessed here.

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