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Clivet chillers on R513A

ITALY: Clivet’s new ScrewLine4-i (WDH-iK4) series water-cooled liquid chillers use the lower GWP refrigerant R513A and employ inverter screw compressors.

Said to offer SEERs up to 8.60, the range covers capacities from 340kW to 830kW with a single dual-rotor screw compressor, and 705kW to 1520kW with two compressors and two circuits.

Manufactured and marketed by Chemours as Opteon XP10, R513A and its GWP of 631 is a lower GWP alternative to R134a.

The unit’s spray shell and tube evaporator is said to reduce the refrigerant charge by 40% compared to a flooded exchanger. It is said to allow an evaporation temperature very close to the supply water temperature, increasing the overall efficiency of the unit.

The WDH-iK4 series offers three operating modes: cooling only, heating only and operation with water circuit change-over. A super-silenced acoustic configuration is also available.


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