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Clivet launches propane heat pump

ITALY: Clivet has announced the launch of Edge F, an air-cooled residential packaged heat pump using R290 refrigerant.

Edge F (WiSAN-PME 1 S) is available in seven sizes from 4 to 15kW and is said to be suitable for all types of heating, cooling and domestic hot water production, particularly renovations. Options include an integrated pump and expansion tank.

According to Clivet, it is able to ensure reliable heating operation down to -25°C ambient and allows production of 75°C supply water down to -10°C outside air.

Performance guarantees class A++ at medium temperature 55°C water supply and class A+++ in heating at low temperature 35°C water supply. Edge F is also said to be effective in cooling with SEER values up to 5.86.

Up to 6 units can be combined in a cascade arrangement.


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