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Daikin Roundflow cassette for CO2 Conveni-Pack

BELGIUM: Daikin Europe is set to introduce a new CO2 Roundflow cassette for use with its Conveni-Pack integrated HVACR system for supermarkets and smaller retail stores.

The new device also combines a heat recovery function with an elegant design and a multitude of possible combinations. The FXFN series will be available in three sizes from February 2022.

The new FXFN series, which will launch early in the new year, promises to be one of Daikin’s most compact indoor units. Incorporating a heat recovery function, it is available in capacities of 5.6kW, 8kW and 12.5kW for cooling and 6.3kW, 9kW and 14 kW for heating. 

It features a new, two-part heat exchanger, developed specifically for the requirements of CO2 technology. 

Capable of fitting most flush into any ceiling, the unit is clad with sound and heat insulation, achieving sound pressure levels of 31 to 46db(A). 

Air is distributed 360º horizontally in the room thanks to the cover panels and the unique round flow technology. Motorized, independently adjustable air guide blades also enable a variety of air outlet patterns (2, 3 or 4-sided), different fixed air discharge angles and alternating swivelling of the air guide blades in auto-swing mode. 

Control is via either the Madoka cable remote control or Intelligent Touch Manager (ITM).

A large selection of different coloured cover panels, as well as panels with self-cleaning function, are also offered. These include designer panels in white (RAL9010) and black (RAL9005) and standard panels in white (RAL9010) with grey louvres or all-white.

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