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Danfoss expands Z-design MPHE for scroll chillers

DENMARK: Danfoss has expanded its Z-design range of micro plate heat exchangers with the C262L-EZD, a dual-circuit evaporator that is said to be ideal for scroll chillers.

Described as robust and reliable, these units extend the range’s capability with cooling capacities now covering up to 300kW in single circuit and up to 800kW in dual circuit.

This multi-refrigerant range is optimised for R32/R454B/R410A, giving manufacturers greater choice when looking to reduce GWP, and as the entire portfolio is also R290 compatible, they are said to be an ideal choice for heat pump systems.

First introduced in 2016, the Z-design was seen by Danfoss as the next evolutionary step in MPHE design with its high heat transfer coefficient.

For example, a Z-design evaporator in an R410A AC system saves around 30–35% area of heat transfer at the same evaporating temperature with the same heat transfer capacity compared to the legacy fishbone design, Danfoss says.

The Z-pattern also results in 21% lower hold-up volume, which allows for a significant reduction in refrigerant charge. The design is also said to greatly reduce water-side pressure loss, with good performance when under part load.

The unit’s compact size and small Internal volume is said to make installation easy and its reduced weight and choice of construction materials has reduced costs.


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