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Danfoss plans CO2 and A2L Optyma condensing units

DENMARK: Danfoss is set to introduce CO2 and A2L versions of its popular Optyma condensing units in 2021.

Previewed at Euroshop earlier this year, the new CO2 unit will be available in Q1 2021. New versions of its Optyma Slim Pack and Optyma Plus for A2L “mildly flammable” refrigerants R454C, R455A and R1234yf will also be available in stages from the beginning of next year. 

The Optyma iCO2 condensing unit will offer cooling capacities from 1.5 to 4.7kW for medium-temperature applications, and operate from -20ºC to 46ºC ambient temperature.

Its variable speed compressor can work efficiently at loads down to 30%.

Of compact design, it will also be possible to stack two units together.

With two access doors for servicing and maintenance, the unit will include ball valves for easy service, sight glass and filter drier, pressure relief valve and fan speed controller for low ambient temperature and night mode.

It will also feature two 2.5 litre receivers for long pipe runs and a 2.5 litre suction accumulator to limit liquid flooding.

A2L Optymas

In addition to the Optyma’s established compatibility with HFCs and lower GWP A1 blends, the new Optyma Slim Pack and Optyma Plus models will also be available for use with R454C and R455A in MBP and LBP versions. R1234yf will additionally be available in MBP models only in sizes below 1.5kW. 

R454C and R455A are, respectively, Chemours’ and Honeywell’s competing lower GWP R404A replacements. Both have a GWP of 148. 

A number of design features are included to combat flammability issues and the units are said to have been ignition proof tested at a TUV lab. Features include all A2L-approved electrical components in a sealed electrical box and louvres and holes for compressor compartment ventilation. There is also a fan timer for ventilation before compressor starts.

Medium back pressure units from 0.9 to 3.2kW will be introduced in Q1, and units up to 17kW in Q3. For LBP models, units from 0.5 to 1.1kW will be introduced in Q1, followed by models up to 7.1kW in Q3.

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