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Efficient air cooler in slim package

GERMANY: Güntner’s new Mini Compact air cooler, with its height of just 124mm high and downward-pointing fans, enable it to be mounted flush against the ceiling.

Maximising the available cold storage space isn’t the only benefit offered by this kind of cooling installation – it also improves hygiene by preventing dirt from accumulating on top of the air cooler.

Designed to fulfil the cooling requirements in small grocery shops, restaurants, canteens, and similar small-scale use cases, the Mini Compact is available in 10 variants ranging from 0.4 to 2.2kW output for use with CO2, HFCs or flammable refrigerants.

Internal cleaning and maintenance is made easy by the fold-away tray, which can be opened for convenient access by simply removing two screws, as well as the small number of individual parts, smooth surfaces, and plug-connected fans.


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