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Emerson launches new Copeland scrolls for R32

GERMANY: Emerson has launched a new line of Copeland scroll compressors for commercial comfort applications designed for the lower GWP A2L refrigerant R32. 

The new Copeland scroll YP and YPV compressors feature a new variable compression ratio valve which is designed to reduce over-compression at part load, thus improving seasonal efficiency both in heating and in cooling.

The optimised compressor design is said to reduce the discharge temperature of R32 and achieve the same operating map as R410A scrolls.

Emerson’s double compliance scroll technology, which allows the scroll involutes to separate in both the radial and axial directions, is said to provide superior reliability and enables new features on the refrigerant circuit with Emerson electronics and integrated solutions.  

The YP fixed speed compressors have a cooling capacity range from 20 to 110kW. The capacity of the YPV variable speed models, with inverter drive, ranges from 9 to 63 kW.

The larger models (20hp and above) are embedded with a new Emerson electronic compressor protection which is ready for future expansion towards IoT and sensing technology.

Multiple combinations enable the design of R32 systems up to 1MW with fixed speed and variable speed compressors.  

The whole line has been designed to fall at maximum in PED category III to avoid further complexity and applied costs on system design. 

The new line manufactured in Europe for Europe, with a shortened supply chain and a centralised European distribution centre.  

“This innovative compressor range has been carefully designed for industry-leading efficiency and reliability and is suitable for our customers and end-users to apply across a wide array of commercial applications including chillers, heat pumps, close control units and rooftops,” said Maurizio Boldrini, Emerson’s director commercial comfort marketing. “We expect R32 to become the most used low GWP refrigerant to replace R410A in air conditioning and commercial heating in Europe, thanks to its wide availability, performances, favourable cost and low charge.” 


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