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Etherea has upgraded air cleaning

EUROPE: Panasonic has upgraded its Etherea range of air conditioners with the inclusion of the latest version of its nanoe X air cleaning technology.  

The new nanoe X Generator Mark 2 doubles its production of hydroxyl radicals – up to 9.6 trillion per second. Abundant in nature, hydroxyl radicals have the capacity to inhibit certain pollutants, viruses, and bacteria to clean and deodorise. 

Nanoe X works independently from the heating and cooling operation when the unit is in fan mode.

In a recent European first, Texcell, a global contract research organisation, certified the inhibitory effect on the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) by an air conditioner using the previous unit generating up to 4.8 trillion hydroxyl radicals per second. Texcell certified that the nanoe X fitted in the air conditioner had a 91.4% inhibitory effect on the novel coronavirus in an actual space of 6.7m3 over 8 hours. 

Like the previous range, the latest Etherea boasts A+++ efficiency and uses R32 refrigerant. 

It offers a wide selection of indoor units from 1.6kW to 7.1kW and in two colours, silver or white. If air conditioning requirements exceed the scope of a single room, Panasonic offers an extensive range of possibilities with a multi split solution, allowing up to five indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor unit.

The new Etherea also boasts advanced smart control and voice assistant. The unit’s pair with Panasonic’s Comfort Cloud app which is specially designed to easily manage all system functions simply via a smart device, allowing benefits such as remote access to heating and cooling solutions and the ability to activate 24-hour nanoe X. The Comfort Cloud app also allows Etherea units to be connected to some of the leading voice assistants.


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