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FinCoater reduces lubricant usage

UK: Industrial lubricant company Chem Arrow has launched FinCoater, an applicator that can reduce fin press lubricant usage by as much as 50%.

The FinCoater is said to give operators the ability to decide exactly how much lubricant needs to be applied through five simple entries in the FinCoater controller.

It is mounted in the existing lubricant bath, with a 4, 8 or 15 gallon reservoir mounted to the side of the press area. Lubricant is pumped to the felt rollers and the specified lubricant amount activated by the controller is applied to the felt rollers then applied to the aluminium surface. 

The FinCoater has two sets of rollers: The first set is to stabilise the aluminium as the second set of rollers applies the specified amount of lubricant. This control eliminates over application that causes safety concerns like operators clothing and gloves soaked with lubricant. It also reduces evaporator or condenser coils having excess lubricant which can lead to residue issues such as soaking packaging or shipping dunnage. 

Chem Arrow

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