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Frascold R290 compressors provide DHW up to 80°C

ITALY: Compressor manufacturer Frascold has launched propane versions of its HT series piston compressors for use in air-water heat pumps.

Debuted at this week’s Refrigera exhibition in Bologna, the HT series compressors said to be able to supply domestic hot water at temperatures up to 80°C, thanks to a gas compression that reaches 40bar.

A further plus is contained in the design optimisation of the ATEX-certified compressor and a complete redesign of its internal components. It is designed to guarantee performance in different climatic conditions, even with external temperatures up to -25° C. 

Frascold maintains that high-temperature heat pumps will represent the ideal alternative for retrofitting systems in historic buildings or in totally inefficient buildings, thanks to their installation flexibility and the possibility of maintaining the pre-existing distribution system, without having to resort to a hybrid configuration.

The HT series, already available on the market in four sizes S, V, Z and W, was originally designed for use in heat pumps intended for commercial installations and in residential contexts above 20kW.

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