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GEA purger ready for propane use

GERMANY: GEA has launched the latest version of its purger for refrigeration plants using R290 (propane). 

Described as plug and play, with only one connection, the purger operates independently from the main refrigeration system. It’s simple to install indoors or outdoors, requires the minimum of maintenance and benefits from maximum energy efficiency with minimum power consumption.

After a time loop, the purger operation starts as soon as the concentration of non-condensable gases in the liquid receiver is 2% or more. It automatically shuts off again when the concentration has dropped to 1%. The effective displacement of non-condensable gases ensures long-term efficient operation of the refrigeration system. Since the average concentration of non-condensable gases is much lower throughout the installation, this value represents an average concentration of less than 0.1% throughout the installation.

Claiming considerable refrigerant savings compared to manual venting, the GEA purger is said to be suitable for refrigeration plants of all sizes. 


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