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Gel-clear concentrates on safe cleaning

UK: Gel-clear, the UK refrigeration cleaning specialist, is to introduce a specialist cleaner for ice machines and concentrated versions of its non-hazardous food-safe cleaners. 

The new range of Eco-clear refrigeration sanitising cleaner and Air-clear HVAC coil sanitising cleaner concentrates are said to be 10 times more concentrated than any other product on the market. 

The new cleaners come in easy-to-use 250ml bottles and 100ml pouches with each handy 250ml dispensing bottle containing enough to dilute to 20 litres, which is enough to clean the coil and pans on 40 cabinets. 

These high performance, non-hazardous concentrates have no COSHH requirements and are NSF-accredited for safe use in food preparation areas. Tested to BSEN 1276 and BSEN1650 certifying standards, both the UK government and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) offer EN1276 as a standard for cleaning to kill Covid19. 

Ice machine cleaner

Gel-clear has also launched its first ice machine cleaner and sanitiser. Ice-clean incorporates the same long-lasting coating and like the rest of the range is non-hazardous. 

It comes in a 250ml litre bottle and is said to have been independently tested to surgical-grade sanitising standards to be effective against human coronavirus (ATCC VR-740), avian influenza, hepatitis, Hong Kong flu, HIV type 1 and 2, e-coli, listeria, salmonella, MRSA and many others. 

“Our new concentrates prove that you don’t need to suffer harsh chemicals to provide efficient cleaning. With these new concentrates, contractors can really get more protection and less chemicals,” said Gel-clear MD Paurick Gaughan.

The company will still be selling the non-concentrate versions of the cleaners providing contractors and their clients the widest possible choice. 

The new products will be available to buy online and through wholesalers from June 29.


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