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Haier introduces the Pearl

UK: Haier’s new Pearl air conditioning units feature a UVC generator, self-cleaning function and an in-built wi-fi control module.

This residential mono-split or multi-system heating and cooling unit, running on R32 refrigerant is available in cooling capacities of 2.6, 3.2 and 5kW.

Haier’s recently certified UVC generator used in the Pearl is said to be proven effective in inhibiting the Covid-19 virus with a 99.998% efficiency. Installed on the evaporator inside the indoor unit, it generates UVC rays near the air inlet.


The self-clean technology freezes the evaporator surface with moisture in the air and removes dirt with rapid melting. Haier’s Steri-Clean adds an additional layer of protection by heating the evaporator to 56°C for 30 minutes plus to kill bacteria and viruses. 

Comfort levels are heightened by the COANDA Plus airflow facility which ensures that air is distributed evenly through the room at a low noise level of 18dB(A). 


The in-built wi-fi module is compatible with Haier’s new hOn app. This provides the user with complete control from a smartphone or tablet, allowing them access to temperature selection, performance data and even error codes. The app also responds to voice commands from Google Assistant and Alexa. 


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