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Heating and cooling in Balance

BELGIUM:Trane has extended its Sintesis range with the Balance CMAF heating and cooling unit. 

This air-cooled multi-pipe solution eliminates the need for separate boiler and chiller systems and is initially available for customers in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. 

“Most systems in Europe use gas or oil boilers, whereas this solution is fully electric. Since buildings contribute to about 15% of global carbon emissions, and heating and cooling represents about 35% of that, Sintesis Balance is also a major step on the path to electrification and decarbonisation of buildings,” said José La Loggia, president of Trane Technologies’ commercial HVAC in EMEA.

The unit is said to recover and repurpose energy without generating its own carbon emissions, significantly reducing fossil fuel use over typical systems that include both a boiler and a chiller. Trane maintains that when drawing from a grid that generates electricity from renewable sources, Sintesis Balance has potential to be a zero-emissions solution.

With a COP of 3.35, the Trane Sintesis Balance claims an average TER of 8.2.

The unit’s expanded operating map is said to make it deal for temperature control even in very hot or cold climates, the heating capabilities making it a good choice for building applications in regions where ambient air temperatures go down to -18ºC. The unit also can heat water up to 68ºC.

The Trane Adaptive Refrigerant System automatically optimises refrigerant charge in each operating mode and temperature condition, delivering additional performance and efficiency gains.

The Sintesis Balance is offered with three acoustic packages and efficiency levels to meet different building application requirements.

It also comes with the latest Trane controls technology – Tracer Symbio 800 controller. This is said to feature advanced algorithms ensuring smooth, reliable operation with low cost of ownership. In addition, it also offers six arbitration choices to optimise performances for the application.

The Tracer Symbio 800 combined with TD7 AdaptiView touchscreen provides facility managers with user-friendly control of the unit. The controller allows them to remotely manage and respond to a variety of conditions and maintain efficient operation with various pre-programmed operating modes.

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