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Hecoclima adds R1234ze chillers

ITALY: EcoSeries is a new range of air-cooled chillers from Hecoclima employing the low GWP HFO refrigerant R1234ze.

The range covers cooling capacities from 200 to 600kW and features the latest generation Danfoss DSG scroll compressors, specially designed for use with 1234ze.

Said to offer a high efficiencies and reliability, low noise and an almost total absence of vibrations, the Danfoss compressors are equipped with a non-return valve on the discharge and an internal overpressure safety valve. A thermostat – or equivalent sensor – provides protection against excessive discharge temperatures.

The chillers feature a powder-coated 4-5mm steel frame with stainless steel nuts and bolts. The frame is specifically designed to optimise defrost and water run off during defrost operation.

The chillers feature brazed plate heat exchangers, and EC fans are employed throughout, with fan attenuation pods available if required.

A flexible controller allows specific algorithms to be created to suit the application. The remote monitoring and intervention system can track faults and optimise the machines performance. It logs the operation of the chiller and tracks site, ambient and machine changes to ensure it delivers peak performance even in extreme ambients.


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