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LG launches inverter scroll chillers

Four 123kW LG chillers have been installed in the UK at the Thorpe Spa Hotel in Leeds

UK: LG has launched a range of air-cooled, inverter scroll chillers into the UK market.

The new chiller range, which is being launched across Europe, is available in 60kW, 123kW and 185kW models. The proven part load efficiency of inverter scroll technology means the units can offer a COP of 3.2, EER of 2.65 and ESEER of 4.79.

With a footprint of only 4.9m², these compact units are also low noise – at just 68dB(A). Noise levels at night can be reduced simply by adjusting the fan RPM.

The chillers employ LG’s own inverter scroll compressor as used in its VRF products. As such, they include LG’s own patented HiPOR high pressure oil return technology, and vapour injection.

All models feature LG’s Ocean Black Fin anti-corrosion coating, to reduce the effects of corrosion normally found in coastal and industrial environments. The 2-part coating consists of a black epoxy resin – providing the resistance – and a hydrophilic coating to minimise the accumulation of moisture, which would accelerate any chemical reaction.

The modular design allows up to five 185kW units to operate from one controller, or a combination of 10 units from a centralised control.

Continuous heating minimises the decrease of water outlet temperature during defrosting for multi-circuit models.

The back up operating system helps the entire HVAC system to continue to operate by removing compressors or system circuits from operations until repair or diagnosis is complete.

The chillers, which have been available in the Far East for around 12 months, were tested first in an installation in the Netherlands last year. Four 123kW units have since been installed in the UK at the Thorpe Spa Hotel in Leeds to replace an existing Blue Box chiller. These units, which have been operating successfully for a  number of months, are linked in to the hotels existing BMS control system.

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