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Marstair cellar coolers for A2L refrigerant

UK: The new Marstair range of cellar coolers operating on the A2L refrigerant R454C is said to achieve an 11% efficiency improvement compared to its standard CXE/CKC match using R407C.

The A2LcellarMatch is designed to keep the refrigerant charge to a minimum and, with pre-calculated refrigerant charge for all interconnecting pipe lengths, identification of the EN378 charge limits relative to beer cellar size is a simple process. R454C is a blend of R32 and 1234yf. It has a GWP of 148.

The range covers duties from 2.4kW to 7.4kW and is suitable for applications with up to 80m pipe runs with no extra safety measures. 

To support the use of the lower flammability refrigerant, Marstair also provide A2L guidance within its instructions giving best practice installation information to installers. 


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