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Mitsubishi adds a CO2 Ecodan heat pump

UK: Mitsubishi Electric has launched a 40kW high temperature commercial heat pump running on CO2. 

The Ecodan QAHV high temperature air source heat pump is capable of achieving flow temperatures from 55°C up to 90°C. It boasts a COP of 3.88 and seasonal efficiencies of 3, when producing sanitary hot water at 65°C.

The QAHV is designed to deliver high efficiency at high flow temperatures and uses a unique and patented twisted and spiral gas cooler to enhance energy efficiency. The continuous spiral grooves in the twisted pipe accelerates the turbulence effect of water and also said to help reduce pressure loss within the heat exchanger.

Equipped with Mitsubishi Electric’s latest inverter scroll compressor technology, the QAHV is said to be able to provide full heating capacity down to -3°C outdoor temperature and operate efficiently and effectively right down to -25°C. Noise levels are only 56dB(A). 

Up to three BREEAM points can be achieved with the use of the QAHV, with 2 points through the use of CO2 as the refrigerant and another one point from the fact that the circuit is hermetically sealed.

Units can be installed in a modular array of up to 16 units allowing for a total capacity of 640kW per system.

Mitsubishi Electric

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