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Monitoring heat transfer fluids

UK: Now available from Climalife in the UK, Cool-Gauge monitors heat transfer fluids (HTF) in a cooling system ensuring optimum performance and system protection.

With system operators constantly looking to have more control over their system and find different approaches to minimise energy consumption in their processes, Cool-Gauge is said to offer more visibility to an industry that aims to digitalise their processes, whilst helping to minimise the energy consumption by maintaining optimum viscosity of HTF within systems. 

Constant monitoring of the system prevents corrosion and scale build up in systems by maintaining the HTF inbuilt inhibitors. In addition, in open systems it enables automatic dosage to ensure accurate control and maintenance of HTF concentration. 

In both open or closed systems Cool-Gauge can provide instant notification if HTF levels fall too low, preventing expensive and time-consuming system failures.

Cool-Gauge is said to ease the challenge of monitoring HTF systems, being low maintenance and ideal for remote or difficult to access systems.

Describing the new product addition, Climalife MD Allan Harper said: “It will digitalise an otherwise manual process which is critical for the smooth operation of these types of systems, maintaining energy efficiency and freeing up resources.”

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