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Multifunction heat pump for hot and chilled water

ITALY: A new air-cooled multi-function heat pump introduced by Clivet is equipped with twin variable-speed screw compressors using lower GWP refrigerant R513A.

For outdoor installation, the WDAN-iK4 MF series is described as the ideal solution to meet the simultaneous needs of hot and chilled water in four-pipe systems.

Available in Excellence energy version (EXC) with high efficiency in all operating modes, it claims SEERs up to 5.18 and SCOPs up to 4.21.

In addition to inverter dual-rotor screw compressors, the WDAN-iK4 MF includes double refrigerant circuits, high efficiency EC fans with continuous speed modulation and Cu-Al coils with hydrophilic treatment.

The capacity modulation from 100% to 18% ensures extended operating limits with outdoor temperatures from -10°C to +46°C, hot water production up to +60°C during summer and chilled water down to -8°C during winter. 

Options and accessories available include integrated hydronic assemblies with on/off or inverter motors and duty-stand by or parallel operation.

The WDAN-iK4 MF range is also available in three acoustic levels, keeping the same unit dimensions.


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