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National publishes P-T app

UK: National Refrigerants has developed a comprehensive pressure/temperature calculation tool with several special features to make the HVAC/R technician’s job easier. 

The app can calculate a simple pressure/temperature relationship or calculate superheat/subcool temperatures. 

The user can input pressure or temperature(s) on any screen and the other values are automatically calculated and displayed. For refrigerant blends, both saturated vapour and saturated liquid values are displayed. Within the superheat/subcool screen, a graphic display for blends will show the entering, mid-point, and outlet temperature as well as line temperature.

The app displays imperial and metric units and includes automatic altitude correction.

It is said to contain all the traditional refrigerants as well as all the new emerging lower GWP alternatives, HFOs and hydrocarbons. Users can easily choose from a “favourites” refrigerants list and it includes supplementary information about the refrigerants and links to the National Refrigerants website.

The app replaces the traditional plastic comparators that National previously produced for calculating refrigerant pressure and temperatures.

“Years ago, there were only a handful of refrigerants that would all easily fit onto a pocket slide rule but today there are over 40 different refrigerants available, far too many to fit onto a comparator,” explained Simon Ravenscroft​ National Refrigerant’s UK northern regional sales manager. “The other issue is that new refrigerants are constantly emerging rendering the existing comparators out of date.”

The P-T Calculator can be downloaded free from the App Store or Google Play.

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