New products across the GEA range

CHILLVENTA 2016 PREVIEW: GEA will present new products and services across its range of commercial and industrial compressors and ice generators.

New introduction include efficiency improvements to its Bock HG semi-hermetic compressors. The GEA Bock HG22e, HG34e, HG44e, HG56e, HG66e, HG76e and HG88e models – have now been optimised and offer top efficiency and low noise. The oil pump lubrication system enables a greater control range with frequency inverters.

Whereas the models already on the market have been optimised, the GEA Bock HG56e represents a completely new 6-cylinder series. It replaces the previous 4-cylinder HG5 series and the smallest series of the HG6 compressors. It offers greater efficiency and low noise in three models from 73.8m3/h to 100.4m³/h (at 50 Hz).

The HG66e and HG76e will feature the MexxFlow design concept. The combination of the double lamellar ring design of the MexxFlow valve plate, featuring flow-optimised characteristics, with a cylinder head especially designed for this valve plate, has enabled an efficiency increase of the compressors by up to 20%.

Semi-hermetic HG compressors (left to right): HG22e, HG34e, HG44e, HG56e, HG66e, HG76e and HG88e
Heat pump

A new GEA RedAstrum heat pump, soon to go into production, is a new series of standardised ammonia heat pumps designed for indoor installation. The performance of RedAstrum at temperature levels between 55 and 80°C is said to make it ideal for industrial applications – especially for heating water in industrial processes – or for feed of heat into nearby or remote district heating networks.

In addition to its high efficiency, the RedAstrum’s compact design allows it to be effectively installed and operated in machine rooms. 

Compressors for natural refrigerants (left to right): HG34e CO2, HG46 CO2 T and HG56e HC
Compressor for natural refrigerants

The GEA Bock HG series for subcritical and transcritical CO2 applications, comes in a range of that now includes a displacement of 6.2 to 38.2m³/h (at 50 Hz), with 2, 4, or 6 cylinders.

The semi-hermetic 6-cylinder piston compressor HG46 CO2 T, for example, is currently the largest of its kind for transcritical CO2 applications. In addition to its displacement up to 38.2m³/h, it is also said to offer an impressive COP.

GEA also offers the HC range for hydrocarbons, with displacement of 5.4 to 279.8m³/h. GEA will present new 6-cylinder compressors for hydrocarbons: the GEA Bock HG56e HC series. Three models will be available with displacements from 73.8 to 100.4m³/h.

Grasso M series

Compressors with smaller output ratings have been added to the Grasso M series. The former range began at volumetric displacements of 471m³/h (at 2,940 rpm) and extended to 870m³/h. The expanded series now begins at 231 m³/h. The new small models are engineered for the speed range from 1,000 to 6,000 rpm, which allows them to cover a broad load range. The internal volume ratio (Vi) can be controlled in an extended range, which allows energy-optimised operation even at reduced condensation temperatures.

In addition, the pressure-activated check valve is said to ensure minimal pressure drop on the suction side. The GEA Grasso M series furthermore offers an integrated suction filter and an adaptive coupling casing, which simplifies integration into a package.


The GEA Splitpack combines the GEA Geneglace ice generator with the GEA Bock Plusbox to provide a complete solution. The split system allows the ice generator to be installed on the shop floor, near the process. In contrast, the Plusbox, a complete outdoor condensing unit, is installed outside at a distance of up to 20m from the ice generator.

The Plusbox features semi-hermetic GEA piston compressors, with maximum displacements of 18.8 to 33.1m³/h. A speed-controlled fan at the condenser is said to ensure efficient ice production, even with high outdoor temperatures, since it assures a constant temperature of condensation. The GEA Splitpack operates with the refrigerants R404A or R134A and is available with GEA Geneglace ice generator F15, F30, F90H, or G100. Maximum production is 400 to 2,200 kg/day, depending on the ice generator used.

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