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Refrigerant detection simplified

USA: Bacharach’s new MGS-400 gas detectors monitors for leaks of numerous refrigerants including HFCs, HFOs, HCFCs, CO2, and NH3.

MGS-400 Series is supported by a mobile app user interface, which is said to make configuration, calibration, and maintenance simple and intuitive. It enables plug-and-play, pre-calibrated sensor installation and replacement in the field. Gas detectors are said to be installed in significantly less time, for example five minutes versus 25 minutes per detector without training. Calibration certificates can be generated from the mobile app and sent by email or shared to cloud storage platforms.

The optional MGS-408 gas detection controller is a centralised alarm and power system supporting up to eight sensor channels. With Modbus connectivity, the controller integrates with any facility’s existing building management or automation system. 


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