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Refrigerant management software now available for free

USA: Gas detection equipment manufacturer Bacharach has announced that its award-winning Parasense refrigerant tracking and compliance software is now available for free.

The cloud-based software is said to be ideal for any organization looking to reduce refrigerant emissions and support regulatory tracking and reporting needs while eliminating reliance on spreadsheets or other less sophisticated methods.

The software is an enterprise-scale system to track refrigerant usage, leak inspections, and leak events, as well as provide compliance reporting for EPA 608, CARB, F-gas and GreenChill. Its free availability includes full-feature capabilities, unlimited users, sites, and refrigeration assets. 

Its features include a compliance calendar that automatically schedules and reminds about compliance activities. It can also map regulations into specific tasks to maintain compliance and gives a visual indicator to the state of compliance across the enterprise, regions, sites, or assets.

A leak rate calculator provides a rolling 12-month view of refrigerant usage as a percent of system charge.

Parasense Refrigerant Tracking software is designed for facility managers and compliance officers who support multi-site organisations like supermarkets, food processing plants, cold storage warehouses, hospitals, universities or schools. Bacharach says the software is also valuable for smaller organisations, as well as for mechanical and refrigeration contractors that want to offer refrigerant management as part of their service.

The software is supported by professional services from the Parasense Information Center (PIC) team. The PIC team provides fee-based, value-added services such as data importing, pro-active data review and recommendations, periodic report preparation, and contractor coordination for timely completion of inspections, repairs, testing, and record-keeping.

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